Christina + Matthew’s Engagement Portraits

Last weekend we had the pleasure of spending Saturday in the park with Christina and Matthew for their engagement portrait session. We ventured from their home near Washington Square Park to the Lincoln Park Conservatory and learned these two actually spent their first date strolling through Central Park in NYC on a brisk fall day.

“…on that first date, I think we both already knew we were in love and going to be together.”

Their adventurous, caring and passionate personalities make them such a perfect fit for one another and we felt so energized and refreshed after spending just a few hours with them!

At the beginning of the session, we asked Christina to think of a new word she’d never heard or said before. The word that came to mind was “Escufah!” (sp?!) We then decided that it needed to have a meaning! After hearing her describe the nervousness that she felt before the session and the way that it gradually faded away once we got started, we knew that had to be the definition for her new word! So please take note Merriam Webster, and make room in your next edition for “Escufah!” : )

We are looking forward to photographing Christina and Matthew’s nod to Nashville Fall wedding complete with a bluegrass trio and a BBQ rehearsal dinner in early September!

2014-02-20_0011.jpg 2014-02-20_0012.jpg 2014-02-20_0013.jpg 2014-02-20_0019.jpg 2014-02-20_0016.jpg 2014-02-20_0015.jpg 2014-02-20_0014.jpg

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