Samantha + Leo’s Engagement Portraits

We are excited to share a few photos from Samantha and Leo’s engagement session last month. We ventured around the West Loop where we were able to get great mix of backgrounds from lush greens to industrial railways to street art. Leo proposed mid-winter on one of the coldest days of the year so it was a treat to photograph these two in the warm sunshine!

We can’t wait for their romantic Palm Beach destination wedding next May!

2014-06-05_0012.jpg 2014-06-05_0013.jpg 2014-06-05_0014.jpg 2014-06-05_0015.jpg 2014-06-05_0016.jpg 2014-06-05_0017.jpg 2014-06-05_0018.jpg 2014-06-05_0019.jpg 2014-06-05_0020.jpg 2014-06-05_0021.jpg 2014-06-05_0022.jpg 2014-06-05_0023.jpg 2014-06-05_0024.jpg 2014-06-05_0025.jpg

Be sure to check out Leo’s new line of denim, Slimbs, the perfect fit for guys. His Kickstarter was successfully funded in May and we can’t wait to see this venture grow!

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