Sophia + Andrew’s Salvage One Wedding

Few things could have suprassed the rooptop view of the The Legacy on this beautiful June morning except that of the soon to be Mrs. Wetherell! But seriously, the sun was shining, Sophia’s smile beamed as she slipped into her beaded Jenny Packham dress, and Andrew had just realized that he had gotten the exact same card for his bride to be. The day was off to a great start. We’ve loved this couple from the minute we met them (maybe it was the Smilebooth shenanigans at our open house party) and the creativity they injected into their Salvage One ceremony + reception was just one more reason that we absolutely adore these two. Did we mention that Sophia and Andrew enlisted an amazing amount of local artisans to make their wedding that much more spectacular? The lush floral arrangements had been grown just for this event right outside of Chicago and their guests sipped local craft beers alongside Chicago’s very own Letherbee + Koval throughout the night. Cake? No way. Profiteroles and a heaping scoop of Black Dog gelato for these two.

#androphie, we heart you.

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Ceremony/Reception: Salvage One | Event Coordinator: Big Day Easy | Florist: Field and Florist | Caterer: Hearty Boys and Black Dog Gelato

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