Averyhouse Engagement Portrait Sessions

Having been at this for awhile now, sometimes it’s hard for us to remember that not everyone knows even where to begin with the wedding planning process. And an engagement portrait session to document your recent engagement when you’ve never had a formal photo taken of you before?? Yikes. We know a lot of couples that love the idea of having a few images of just the two of them before the big wedding day and before their next big steps as a married couple; a fleeting moment when life is just a bit more about the two of them. And we wholeheartedly agree! Not only is an engagement session a great ice breaker for getting to know your photographer, but it also opens the door to an experience that allows for people like us to the capture the love you share with another human being.


When we first sit down with our clients that have expressed an interest in our engagement portrait sessions, a few of our main goals are to get a feeling of their style and personality together. We also want to establish what their version of Chicago feels like. We learn more about our couples by sending out a super brief questionnaire in the weeks leading up to their shoot date. We genuinely want to know how you met, what your favorites characteristics about your significant other are, and what you like to do for fun! This helps us to collaborate with our clients on creating a unique experience that is truly tailored just for them. 2014-08-27_0009.jpg

BUT WHAT DO I WEAR you ask?? Something that feels comfortable and suits the scene. For instance, formal wear in the park doesn’t feel as natural as something more casual. While a second outfit isn’t necessarily a must, we can certainly incorporate some time for a quick superman style outfit swap upon request. We think that matching color palettes for you two work well together and bright colors are great so don’t be shy! If wearing heels with your outfit I always suggest bringing a pair of flats along just in case. 2014-08-27_0010.jpg

We’re sure you’ve heard the term, “Home is where the heart is”, and we can definitely identify with that. We’ll normally start our engagement portrait sessions at or near a clients home because honestly it’s a comfy and cozy place to begin an experience that can sometimes feel weird if you’ve never had your photo taken before! Plus, it’s likely that you won’t stay in that apartment/house/neighborhood forever. So whether it’s your first place together or your favorite tree lined street the images are sure to let your mind drift to a special place in your heart when you see them 20 years from now! Then we’ll leave together for your next location and probably spend the next hour or so relaxing, having fun, joking around, and getting to know each other. We’re not gonna lie, you’ll be super surprised at how easy-going these sessions are. 2014-08-27_0011.jpg

Once our session is over hugs and handshakes might ensue while we fill you in on when you can expect your online gallery of images which is generally 2-6 weeks from the date of your shoot. Then, you’ll probably head off into the sunset and have a fantastic dinner because 1.) You already look AMAZING and 2.) You just had your photo taken professionally and totally nailed it.

Sound easy/fun/exciting/romantic? We know. It’s kind of our thing.


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