Aneesha + Anirban’s Museum of Science and Industry Wedding

One of the greatest joys about our job as photographers is not always something that simple to describe, but here goes. Any family can tell you that they have traditions or customs, big and small, that have been passed down through the generations. Often as part of our job we get to bear witness to a family’s greatest of traditions that most likely date back hundreds of thousands of years and trace back to other countries. Awesome, right?? Aneesha + Anirban’s Indian ceremony began pretty early (per tradition based on their birthday) and we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day. If you’ve ever witnessed a ceremony of this caliber you can attest to the electricity in the air when the drummers and horns kick off the celebration. Not only that, but we’re pretty jealous of any bride that gets to wear three totally different dresses for her weekend long wedding! The sunshine continued and so did the fun times as Aneesha + Anirban led their guests to Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry for their reception. We love when a couple can stay true to their family’s heritage and we know that this couple spent a great deal of time incorporating delicious Northern + Southern Indian meals as well as ridiculously awesome ‘Bollywood’ styled dances. Between the unique venue and the dance party that ensued we’re pretty that Aneesha and Anirban were able to have their cake and eat it to when it comes to something old and something new.

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Ceremony: Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago | Reception: Museum of Science and Industry | Event Coordinator: Lola Event Productions | Event Design + Florist: Revel Decor

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