Ting Ting + Ben’s Downtown and Lincoln Park Engagement Session

When Ting Ting and Ben first made contact with us about shooting an engagement portrait session, we instantly knew we wanted to know more about them. Their kind demeanor, laid back vibe, and sense of adventure from the moment we first spoke got us totally amped to spend an afternoon with these two! Seriously, you can take one look at the images from their shoot and get a feeling of how these two spend their days. We love the way they not only look at each other, but look at the world as one big playground. Whether they’re trying a new restaurant together or hightailing it to the other side of the planet for one of their many whirlwind trips, we’d consider this a perfect match. Congrats you two! You deserve it.

2014-09-17_0001.jpg 2014-09-17_0002.jpg 2014-09-17_0003.jpg 2014-09-17_0004.jpg 2014-09-17_0005.jpg 2014-09-17_0006.jpg 2014-09-17_0007.jpg 2014-09-17_0008.jpg 2014-09-17_0010.jpg 2014-09-17_0011.jpg 2014-09-17_0012.jpg 2014-09-17_0013.jpg 2014-09-17_0014.jpg 2014-09-17_0015.jpg 2014-09-17_0016.jpg

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