Sarah + Bill’s Prairie Production Wedding

We wish we could tell the cool story of how Sarah and Bill met all over again (it’s really quite cute), but we’ll save that just for you if you’d like to check out their wintery engagement portrait session  on the blog. The snow and sub zero temps were long behind us (thankfully!) and we had been looking forward to Sarah and Bill’s wedding at Prairie Production for some time now. There had been rumors of Big Star food trucks… So needless to say we were intrigued. A bit of rain set in that day, but there wasn’t a single somber face to be seen. In fact, Sarah was literally beaming as we left her family’s home so she could see her groom for the very first time in Wicker Park. Any day we get to shoot an event at Prairie Production is a great day. Not only is the space bright, cheery, and open, but it allows for our client’s characters really shine through in how they style it. Between the floating white lanterns, the custom chuppah, and the outrageously beautiful arrangements by Field + Florist, it was purely a photographers dream to shoot. And then, wait for it, the food trucks arrived as promised! If we could do this all over again next weekend, and then again the next, we would. Because it was amazing.
2014-09-18_0138.jpg 2014-09-18_0139.jpg 2014-09-18_0140.jpg 2014-09-18_0141.jpg 2014-09-18_0142.jpg 2014-09-18_0143.jpg 2014-09-18_0145.jpg 2014-09-18_0146.jpg 2014-09-18_0147.jpg 2014-09-18_0148.jpg 2014-09-18_0150.jpg 2014-09-18_0151.jpg 2014-09-18_0152.jpg 2014-09-18_0154.jpg 2014-09-18_0155.jpg 2014-09-18_0156.jpg 2014-09-18_0158.jpg 2014-09-18_0160.jpg 2014-09-18_0161.jpg 2014-09-18_0162.jpg 2014-09-18_0163.jpg 2014-09-18_0165.jpg 2014-09-18_0166.jpg 2014-09-18_0167.jpg 2014-09-18_0168.jpg 2014-09-18_0169.jpg 2014-09-18_0171.jpg 2014-09-18_0172.jpg 2014-09-18_0174.jpg 2014-09-18_0176.jpg 2014-09-18_0178.jpg 2014-09-18_0179.jpg 2014-09-18_0180.jpg 2014-09-18_0181.jpg

Ceremony/Reception: Prairie Production | Florist: Field & Florist | Caterer: Big Star | Cake Artist: Sweet Many B’s | Band: Stitely

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