Christina + Matthew’s Cafe Brauer Wedding

Spending time with our clients before their big day is always such a cool experience for us. Witnessing the little quirks and hearing the fun stories leading up to your engagement definitely helps us to connect before the wedding. Having gotten to know Christina and Matthew during their winter engagement sessionwe couldn’t have been more excited for their September wedding to finally come around. Not only were we greeted by a very smiley Christina, but by the most adorable banner that hung from a fireplace mantle at the Public Hotel where she got ready with her girls. And, as we would later discover, her bridesmaids emerald dresses suited the reception perfectly when paired with nature inspired greens. Some of the sweetest moments that guests don’t get to see are the ones between a bride and her dad. We particularly love this image of Christina and her dad as he straightens her veil before seeing Matthew for the first time that day. Finding a special token of love + appreciation for your guests to leave the wedding with can be a daunting task. Our suggestion? Keep it simple like Christina and Matthew did with a small burlap pouch at each table that contains some of your favorite treats or savory snacks. Each pouch was cutely adorned with the phrase “Love is Sweet” and truth be told, we couldn’t agree more.

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Coordinator: Liven It Up Events | Catering: Limelight | Florist: Davenport Design | Cake Artist: Bittersweet | Cinematographer: Turning Point Productions | Photo Booth: Smilebooth

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