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While we wouldn’t say that our wedding season is dying down quite yet, we’ll definitely admit that we are starting to look back at the amazing year that 2014 has been. And with that being said, the single most rewarding part of our job is delivering a beautiful heirloom quality wedding album to our client. I think what we love most about the album process is that a single album envelopes all of our hard work and passion for photography into one perfectly bound book. Ha, that’s kind of a lot of pressure, but we assure you, we enjoy it. To get a better understanding of how it all goes down we’ve put together a series of events for you to make it less mysterious and more, um, romantic (?)…
2014-11-18_0004 2014-11-18_0005 2014-11-18_0006

While you are lounging poolside (you deserve it!) on your honeymoon we’re already well on our way with the editing process of your wedding images. Throughout the editing of your images, we’re slowly curating a collection of our personal favorites that will later be sent over to our album designer. Shortly after you’ve received all of your wedding images from us (yay!) we send over the first design of your album so that we can collaborate with you on a few image swaps and design tweaks. It is, after all, your wedding album and we want you to love everything about it.

Once we get the green light from you about the inside of your album you then get to choose how you’d prefer to customize the look and feel of your wedding album from the outside. We’re lucky enough to work with an amazing company that has tons of beautiful + lush fabrics in addition to foils, fonts, and cover photo options. Just as unique as each couple we photograph are the options you have available. 2014-11-18_0007 2014-11-18_0008

Once your album is sent off to print it takes a few weeks for our album company to meticulously hand craft and put all of the final touches on your album. We know, we know it’s so hard to wait! But the end result is always a gorgeous album and a beautiful showcase for your wedding day. The sustainably farmed, wooden box you will receive your album in, created just for our Averyhouse clients, will protect your album from damage and dust. We also hope it will serve as a reminder as to the care, love, and respect that we intertwine with each and every Averyhouse wedding album. Included with your wedding album will be a USB drive of all of your high resolution images. Sometimes you pick your album up, in which case hugs ensue, or we’re happy to ship it off to your new home as husband and wife. Either way, you’ll be missed.

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