What started as a blind date at one of the West Loop’s finest eateries turned into a whirlwind courtship that would take this couple around the world and back before even getting a chance to say I Do. Anne’s whimsical spirit and Marek’s laid back sense of humor made for love at first sight and we’re ever so appreciative of that. We were invited to photograph their St.Vincent DePaul ceremony and Peninsula reception early on in their engagement and having heard some of the fun wedding details from the get go we were 100% intrigued as to what these two would come up with. One thing we knew for sure? This cool couple have a solid group of friends that would be coming from all corners of the world to watch them tie the knot. On the morning of their wedding, Anne + Marek got ready at the world renown Peninsula Hotel near the magnificent mile. Not wanting to see her groom before walking down the aisle we hastily made the short trek to Lincoln Park’s St. Vincent DePaul parish. Surrounded by loved ones (and Anne’s mom smiling ear to ear!) Anne + Marek were officially announced as husband + wife. Please note the gorgeous rays of sunlight sprinkled throughout the photos immediately following their ceremony. It truly was a magical moment! With their fuchsia clad wedding party in tow we stopping by the Wrigley Building for some fun photos before heading to The Peninsula. Reception venues, such as The Peninsula, are such a treat for us as it allows for an indoor + outdoor atmosphere for wedding guests. How amazing is that terrace?? With pops of tangerine, violet, and vivid green the ballroom decor certainly represented the bright personalities of Anne + Marek. Yes, the gentleman making the toast looks exactly like Marek and it just so happens that his Best Man is also his twin. Hearty laughs and tears of joy paved the way to a raucous dance floor and one last trip to the terrace for twilight photos. Romance in the center of the city? You bet. A love that knows no (US) bounds? Forever and always.

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Ceremony: St.Vincent DePaul | Reception + Catering: Peninsula Hotel | Planner: Engaging Events By Ali | Florist: Flower Firm | Band: Eddie Victorian Band | Lighting: Frost | Videographer: Poetic Productions

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City Chic. Romantic. Classic. That’s all Sarah and Ethan wanted in a wedding day and boy did they get it. With their impeccable style and sweet sense of humor we couldn’t wait to see these two again after their Lurie Garden and Chicago lakefront engagement session. Both our bride and groom got ready at the posh Hotel Palomar and with the warm sunshine filling the room we just knew it would be a perfect day. They each exchanged gifts from one another with love notes that barely left a dry eye by their surrounding friends and family. Clad in Hugo Boss and Vera Wang we headed out doors for their first look (how cute are these two??) and photos among some of Chicago’s most beautifully urban scenery. But alas, we had a ceremony to get to so off we went to the infamous Ivy Room. If you’ve never been to/seen/experienced the Ivy Room drop what you’re doing and head over! With ivy that creeps stories high into the sky and a ballroom with floor to ceiling windows adorned with rich curtains we could go on and on about how much we love this place. Their moody candle lit ceremony was followed by alfresco cocktails + delicious small bites in the courtyard. We’re sure you’ll agree when we say that this reception, enveloped in soft blush, cream, and pink is literally a dream come to life. Sometimes we meet couples that just get us and the end result from our collaboration makes us smile each time we look at their images. #EANDSSAYYES, we get you too.

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Ceremony + Reception: Ivy Room | Event Design + Floral + Lighting: Kehoe Designs | Caterer: Limelight | Band: Greenlight | Cake Artist: Bittersweet | Videographer: Smiling Toad Productions

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While it’s not our first rodeo, we wouldn’t say that weddings are always the same old song and dance either. One of the absolute coolest things about photographing a wedding is that no matter how many times we visit a particular venue it’s always a fresh rendition of any memory we may have previously had. Also, with it’s sophisticated vibe we get excited when our couples first tell us that they’ll be getting ready at the Public Hotel. Bridget and Ryan had a candle lit, rustic, and romantic wedding in mind from the get go and we were thrilled beyond words to see what they would come up with one of our favorite power planner, Kara Superfine. From the minute we saw Bridget’s beautiful bouquet of dusty green eucalyptus, peach roses, and white anemones we knew that we were in for a treat. After an emotional first look on the Public Hotel’s fab rooftop terrace we whisked these two off to Saddle & Cycle for their lawn ceremony which was held under a giant oak tree. Story book romantic? We’re not even finished yet. Guests sipped champagne with fresh raspberries as the sun dipped low in the sky and then were led indoors to what we consider one of Chicago’s essential old school country clubs. We were treated to one of the best maid of honor speeches we think we have yet to hear and it was obvious that by the time everyone hit the dance floor that this crew knew how to party. With a modern version of your classic fairy tale, Bridget + Ryan made a fun exit under a canopy of sparklers where a mercedes was waiting to carry them off into the night. And that, our friends, is a story to remember.

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Ceremony + Reception + Catering: Saddle & Cycle | Planner: Kara Superfine Events | Event Design + Floral: HMR | Band: Great Life Music | Cake: Elysia Root Cakes | Videographer: Hwy 61 Films | Transportation: VIP Valet


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What do you get when you add two lawyers, a Girl & The Goat proposal, and an extreme love of politics? Emily + Adam! Obvi. This incredibly smart, witty, and hilarious duo had us on board for their Langham Hotel wedding from the get go and we couldn’t have been more thrilled to shoot their Riverfront engagement session. Having lived downtown together for quite some time, it was cute to see how their version of Chicago translated into their engagement session. We took a stroll down the Riverfront which was bustling with tourists and locals alike since it’s recent revamp. With it’s winding pathways and perfectly landscaped greenery we’re happy to call the Riverfront one of our favorite places to shoot. Afterwards, we headed to Emily and Adam’s infamous engagement location to take in the scenery that is the West Loop. Sometimes it’s the nooks and crannies of a neighborhood that draw our attention and this particular spot of twinkling lights across the street from Soho House was definitely speaking our language. With their wedding now less than a year away we seriously can’t wait for Emily and Adam to tie the knot!

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We think that the term ‘vintage elegance’ could mean any number of things, but once we were able to see what Kate + Mike had been envisioning for their dream wedding we were breathless. Our bride and groom teamed up with fearless foodie and all around planning guru, Rachel de Marte, we knew we were in for a treat. Known for her ‘foodcentric’ styling and incorporating edible decor we have fallen for Rachel’s amazing events over and over again. Kate had us at hello with her long black mane and and an eye for all things vintage + beautiful. After what seemed like an eternity, it was finally Mike and Kate’s big day. After getting ready at the sophisticated Public Hotel, we jumped a trolley and headed for Chicago’s infamous Union Station for photos. With it’s long, marble columns, and side swept moody lighting we almost lost track of time! We love Union Station for a number of reasons, but we won’t lie, whenever we drive past this 100 year old building we think of this fun afternoon with Mike and Kate. The best was yet to come as we headed to the Moonlight Studios for their ceremony + reception. Enveloped in a dreamy palette of merlot, navy, and blush we loved how the colors softened the brick interior and lofted ceilings. Their short and sweet ceremony (boy do these two love to laugh!) segmented perfectly into their dimly lit, romantic reception. Don’t want to get lost in the crowd while your favorite people are giving their toasts? Pull up a seat! Kate rented a few plush vintage seating pieces which were such a cute accompaniment to the stylish vibe. And just so we’re clear, if you hired a band that’s not only going to rock the house, but is going to be cutting a ride rug alongside you then we would like an invite:)

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Ceremony + Reception: Moonlight Studios | Planner: Rachel de Marte | Event Designer + Florist: Stems | Caterer: Entertaining Company | Band: David Rothstein Music | Cake Artist: Bittersweet | Lighting: Sound Investment

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