Discreetly tucked away above Cartier on Michigan Ave is the stunning, old school venue that is the Woman’s Athletic Club. With it’s unique history and beautiful decor we were over the moon excited when cute couple, Lindsey + Joe, told us that this would be the location they would hosting their reception. Lindsey got ready here on her big day as well and we especially loved that no matter how hectic it got on the streets below, it was always calm + serene amongst these super old walls. After saying I Do at Holy Name Cathedral they braved the intermittent rain for photos with their wedding party at Olive Park. Afterwards, guests were led under a canopy of blush roses, cream hydrangeas, and green ferns for cocktails. This ballroom, as I’m sure you can imagine, was brilliantly illuminated by the art deco chandeliers the brides choice of crystal centerpieces were spot on for a hint of glamor. Want to treat your guests to something cute + sweet at the same time? These adorable sugar cookies with the bride + groom’s initials were placed on each table and we couldn’t help but think that it was the perfect accompaniment to wedding cake for dessert. Que the conga line and you’ve got yourself a wonderful end to the most amazing wedding day.

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Ceremony: Holy Name Cathedral | Reception + Caterer + Cake Artist: Woman’s Athletic Club | Planner: JDetailed Events | Designer + Florist: Kehoe | Band: Don Cagen Orchestra | Transportation: VIP Transportation

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This self-described pair of ‘urban adventurers’ made it all the way from Dallas for their recent engagement session. Having lived in both Maui and Chicago, Jackie + Aaron are not only well-traveled but well versed in getting a lay of the land. Getting to know Jackie and Aaron before their big day this coming March has been a blast! Laid back, kind, and fun-loving are just a few of the many words we’d use to describe this future bride and groom. Plus, we can’t help but let our minds drift to how amazing their wedding at Morgan Manufacturing will be in just a few short months!

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Chicago is chalked full of amazing venues and we were so incredibly excited when Brandy + Brian told us that they would be tying the knot at the luxe Langham Hotel. Their early Fall color palette of white, blush and maroon was the perfect accompaniment to the greenery and pops of gold throughout the day. This gorgeous bride and her handsome groom signed their ketubah before making it offical under the chuppah in front of their closest friends and family. We especially loved how warm and intimate the candle-lit Langham hotel ballroom felt as the sun began to set. Guests were all invited to take part in a crazy awesome hora and sweet treats after Brandy + Brian’s sweet first dance. We loved this special day and we hope you do too!

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Ceremony + Reception + Catering: The Langham | Planner: JDetailed Events | Florist: Stems Chicago | Hair Stylist + Makeup Artist: Belle-Row | Band: Becca Kaufman Orchestra 

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