Jessica and Spencer are a long way from Boulder, where this cute couple first met, but we’re oh so glad they made the trek to Chicago. The adorable pair you see below is getting hitched in a few short weeks and we can’t wait to see their wedding vision come to fruition. We know that their shared love for nature and the great outdoors will play a key role in their garden inspired nuptials so until then we’ll be patiently (ok, only kind of patiently) waiting for Jessica + Spencer’s big day!

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That blond hair and those sweet blue eyes are just two of the many many reasons we have been waiting patiently to catch up with Theo for his 1 year milestone! He’s on the move and still has his sea legs, but this little man is officially walking. Amber + Cory are swift on their feet though and you can tell by all of these big smiles that the past year has been such a joy for them. We love you Baird family!

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  • Amber Baird - Vanessa, you are brilliant! Your pictures captured the pure joy and love we feel for each other. Thank you for this beautiful gift of pictures! Can’t wait to see you again in the future.

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In-between their half marathon training sessions (the first race this two will run together!) we managed to squeeze in a super fun engagement session for Siri + Evan. We did plenty of walking on this gorgeous Summery afternoon and as it turns out, long walks are kind of their thing. So much so that on a perfect evening stroll Evan dropped down on one knee and popped the question in one of Gold Coast’s cutest squares- Mariano Park. Their easy going attitude and laughs are contagious so we have to admit that we’re getting pretty pumped for their luxe wedding at The Drake. July is a wrap which means we’re 1 month closer to seeing these two again for their big day!

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It’s actually hard NOT to smile when you’re in the company of Hemali + Paven. Their upbeat + silly personalities are just a couple of reasons that this pair has been inseparable since their first date at La Colombe in the West Loop. Whether it’s exploring their neighborhood by foot, trying one of Chicago’s newest restaurants, or hunting down the perfect dessert we really enjoyed hearing about all of their fun adventures together during their Lakeview + Lincoln Park engagement session. Hemali + Pavan have big plans for their Morgan Manufacturing wedding this coming Spring and in the mean time we’ll be looking forward to catching up with this on the go couple 🙂

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It’s fair to say that we’ve been looking forward to Jamie + Mike’s wedding since their Fall engagement session this past year. It was worth the wait in more ways than one! Having recently made the move back to Chicago from Arizona we know that these two have been over the moon excited to see all of their wedding plans come together especially since a ton of their planning took place from afar. With a color scheme of rich golds, sweet blush, and crisp whites this black tie soiree is going to surpass any expectation you had a for a classic Chicago wedding. The Gold Coast Room at The Drake made for the perfect canvas for Jamie + Mike’s candlelit ceremony and their wild hora. Congrats to this cute pair who is 100% perfect for each other.

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Ceremony + Reception + Catering: The Drake | Planner: Kristina Taheri Special Events | Event Design + Florist: Kehoe Designs | Band: Becca Kaufman Orchestra | Cake Artist: Cake Chicago | Videographer: Leap Weddings | Transportation: Chicago Trolley | Takeaways: Sweet Boutique | Paperie: Ashley’s Custom Stationary | Officiant: Rent A Rev | Musician: Beatmix Music

  • Barbara Ellerth - So…..Beautiful!! Pam and Bruce told me it was the most beautiful wedding that they had ever attended,and so much fun too!Thanks for the pictures. I saw few that Pam took on her phone. I wish I could have been there. I had been in Illinois two weeks before David’s memorial.

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