We had been trying our hardest to be patient about waiting for Kelly + Tim’s big day to roll around, but try as we could we were over the moon excited for the elegant, garden themed wedding they were planning! We met up with this gorgeous duo for their Chicago Riverfront Engagement Session and had a blast hearing about all of their fun plans for their August wedding. With the beautiful Summer sun overhead, her bridesmaids in beautiful mink colored dresses, and his groomsmen in cute blue suits with polka dot ties these two tied the knot in front of their nearest and dearest. Plus, we can’t think of a better way to dance the night away than under a canopy of greenery and crystal chandeliers. #PetersonPartyof2, thank you so much for having us be a part of fabulous wedding day!!

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Ceremony + Reception + Catering: Ivy Room | Event Designer: HMR Designs | Band: Indigo | Transportation: Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co | Lighting: Frost

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To peruse the handiwork of famed lifestyle blog creator, Lauren, on FOXTAIL + MOSS is a serious treat for the eyes. When Lauren told us she was planning her “Live Wild, Flower Child” themed baby shower we couldn’t quite contain our excitement! Knowing fully well how beautiful and chic her design style is we were honored to document such a fun event. Sticking with a loose desert/boho vibe and taking full advantage of the gorgeous lofty space that is Antique Taco’s Guest Room made for a ridiculously cute aesthetic. Plus, this gold piñata was such a fun gender reveal idea! Congrats to this mom and dad to be!

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It all started over Burt’s pizza and this dynamic duo has been an item ever since. An affinity for good coffee is one of the first reasons we knew we loved Sari + Josh and that is just the tip of the iceberg for fun facts about these two. In fact, their adorable proposal took place over coffee with the sweet message of, “Marry Me?” at the bottom of her cup. If that hasn’t melted your heart yet just take a peek at the few images below to get a feel for the love these two share.

2016-08-25_0001 2016-08-25_0002 2016-08-25_0003 2016-08-25_0004 2016-08-25_0006

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Jessica and Spencer are a long way from Boulder, where this cute couple first met, but we’re oh so glad they made the trek to Chicago. The adorable pair you see below is getting hitched in a few short weeks and we can’t wait to see their wedding vision come to fruition. We know that their shared love for nature and the great outdoors will play a key role in their garden inspired nuptials so until then we’ll be patiently (ok, only kind of patiently) waiting for Jessica + Spencer’s big day!

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That blond hair and those sweet blue eyes are just two of the many many reasons we have been waiting patiently to catch up with Theo for his 1 year milestone! He’s on the move and still has his sea legs, but this little man is officially walking. Amber + Cory are swift on their feet though and you can tell by all of these big smiles that the past year has been such a joy for them. We love you Baird family!

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  • Amber Baird - Vanessa, you are brilliant! Your pictures captured the pure joy and love we feel for each other. Thank you for this beautiful gift of pictures! Can’t wait to see you again in the future.

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