The cute pair you see below is currently living a few hundred miles apart, and with their December 2017 wedding plans underway we’re happy to give Lauren + Ken any reason to reunite if even for a brief, but perfect afternoon. Lauren + Ken’s first date at La Gondola went off without a hitch and these two have since grown to love cooking together, traveling as a party of 2, and joining their friends for an always welcome get together. These two will be tying the knot at the Union League Club of Chicago and we’re excited to see what these sports-loving fans have up their sleeve for the big day!

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The dynamic duo you see below just happens to be one of the coolest and sweetest soon to be married couples you’ve ever met. Katie + Kevin live just a hop, skip, and jump from the beautiful Lincoln Park locations in their engagement photos and we’re such huge fans of incorporating your neighborhood into your portrait session. There’s a good chance you won’t live there forever and we always think it’s fun to traipse around the area you love to call home. Their May wedding will be at the iconic Hilton hotel on Michigan ave and we know that this laid back, super cool pair is working on a few weddings details that are just as fun as they are elegant!

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We first met Abby when she was in standing up in her of her best girlfriend’s weddings this past Summer and we’re incredibly glad that we did. When she let us know that she was now going to be a bride herself we couldn’t have been more excited to photograph her September wedding! Abby + Matt had been on the hunt for a venue that could host their fun, stylish soiree and they found that in Chicago’s chic City Winery. With it’s lush and greenery strewn outdoor terrace along with it’s urban and lofted reception area this hotspot is perfect the couple that loves an al fresco ceremony and can still offer an intimate reception setting indoors. We especially loved how Abby + Matt were quick to incorporate lots of little elements that were perfect for the two of them like her ukelele playing friend who serenaded guests and the appearance of a Doughnut Vault truck. Plus, with a venue already set for rocking well into the night we think that City Winery quite literally sets the stage for an awesome party. We could gush on and on about this beautiful, but we’ll let the photos do the talking!

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Ceremony + Reception + Catering: City Winery | Event Coordinator: Shannon Gail | Florist: Flowers by Stem | Band: Hey Jimmy | Paperie: Magnificent Milestones | Makeup Artist: Nika Vaughan Bridal Artists | Hair Stylist: Maxine Salon | Videographer: Imagination Designers

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We first got to know super cool couple, Emily + Adam, during their Fall engagement session this past year and we have been absolutely pumped for their Hotel Palomar wedding ever since. With an emphasis on fun and laid back this cute pair had big plans for their wedding including a coffee bean polling station as a fun nod to their love of politics. We especially loved how Emily and Adam’s color scheme color scheme of rich purples, metallic gold, and creamy ivory played off of each other perfectly. After their emotional vows under their greenery adorned chuppah guests were treated to small bites + sips with stellar city views. And not ones to end the night without a ruckus hora, we were definitely not disappointed with the number of guests hitting the dance floor! Emily and Adam, we’re so incredibly honored to have been a part of your big day!

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Ceremony + Reception + Catering: Hotel Palomar | Planner: Lola Events | Florist: Four Finches | Musicians: Jim Persona + Mary Monica Music

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On a particularly frigid, February night in Chicago Elizabeth + Kent had their very date in Lincoln Park. Quite some time has passed since their romantic Wintery dinner and we’re so incredibly thankful that their May wedding is now only a few months away! With a shared love for sailing, theater, cooking dinner together, and exploring Chicago we’re excited to see what fun elements they’ll incorporate for their Blackstone Hotel nuptials. Congrats to the future Mr + Mrs Schakelford!

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